I have decided to have a go at podcasting. I have bought a microphone and now I have got to find what else I need in the form of hardware and software so that I can get started. I’ve ordered the book  Podcasting for Dummies and as soon as it arrives, I will start my learning process.

Part of my idea is to try and discipline myself into doing something creative every day. As a founder member of procrastinatorsRus, we’ll see.

Sticky: Who is Nigel Wickenden?

Welcome to my site which is for letting you know about me and what I think as well as a bit of my history, things I believe in and just stuff I want to get off my chest. I am not politically correct but I do like to think that I am fair and offer respect to people I have dealings with.
I was born during 1950 and brought up in Hanworth, Middlesex. I passed the Eleven Plus and went to Chiswick Grammar School. Being bone idle at school I only passed one ‘O’ Level. This was French and the reason for that was that I had been on the exchange trips to Paris and had a good accent as well as an acceptable vocabulary for written work.
At the age of 16 I decided school was not for me and joined the Army as an apprentice at Arborfield. My trade was Airframes and Engines but I did not like the discipline. I was relegated twice, hoping that on the third occasion they would dispense with my services as I did not want to buy myself out. The Colonel persuaded me to buck my ideas up and I passed out as a Lance Corporal with my first posting to RAF Netheravon working on Alouette helicopters.

I got engaged on my 21st birthday and married five days after my 22nd. Six months later I was posted to Detmold in Germany which was where both of our daughters were born. In 1976 I went from the aircraft workshop in Detmold to a squadron in Minden where we stayed two years, returning to England in 1978.
In 1980 I swapped uniforms and became a Constable in Lincolnshire Police. I went on to firearms and became a qualified instructor as well as being on the specialist firearms team for ten years. Part of our duties was to protect Vips such as royalty and senior politicians. I retired in 2002.
In 2006 I started work at the local grammar school and was made redundant in 2011. I still keep in contact with the school and invigilate exams for them.
My hobbies are genealogy and assessing teams doing their Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions. I assess for the Peak District Assessor Network plus the grammar and some other schools.